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Illegal Tree Felling

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Trees cut down on Holmehill

On Friday 28th June 2013, the noise of chainsaws was heard on the hill.   Concerned local residents found a group of men headed by Mr Ian Stirling, the owner of the properly, cutting down trees that had been growing since 1980.

Holmehill is in a conservation area and its trees are protected as if each one had a tree preservation order.   It is illegal for landowners to fell trees without the permission of the Council.   Despite being warned by members of the public, Mr Stirling continued felling the next day, Saturday.   The police were called, and Stirling Council was alerted.   Between the two days a large number of trees were felled, principally on the site of the old house and its immediate surroundings.

We held a public meeting on Thursday 4th July to discuss the illegal felling.   Some 90 people crowded into the Braeport Centre.   Notable attenders were Mr Ian Stirling himself, and Councillors Graham Houston and Mark Ruskell.   At the meeting, Mr Stirling acknowledged that he had been at fault in not notifying the Council of his intentions.   He undertook that no further work would be carried out pending discussions with the Council's Tree Officer.   He made it clear that he is determined to build on at least some part of Holmehill.   He mentioned three possible areas: along the Perth Road, the Braeport meadow, and a dwelling on the old house site.   A number of speakers pointed out that the value of Holmehill for wildlife would be severely compromised unless the whole area was conserved.   It was noted that the Hill has already been developed, by the building of Holmehill Court and the Smithy Loan houses, a fact recognised by the 1987 Section 75 agreement between the Council and Stakis PLC.

What happened next?   Click Tree Reinstatement.

Image: Cllr Mark Ruskell

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