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This January we marked our 13th year of campaigning: the open meeting that led to the formation of Holmehill Community Buyout was held on the 3rd of January 2005.
The Fling
In May, our marquee was present as usual at the Doune & Dunblane Fling. On a wonderfully sunny day we greeted old friends and made some new ones.
In June, we heard the remarkable news that the hill has been sold by Alanwater Developments. The new owner attended our open Board Meeting meeting on Thursday 7th June. He is Bill Carman, formerly a Professor of Virology, now living in Dunblane. Through a charity that he and his wife have established he has bought Holmehill as an Open Space and wishes to protect and develop it for public use, with the aim of improving public spaces in Dunblane and its immediate environment, and involving young people. Keith Hunter will facilitate the charity, collect the views of local residents and organize a community event to involve the community.
In September our Board decided to recommend to the AGM in November that we should dissolve Holmehill Ltd (the registered name of Holmehill Community Buyout). It seemed clear that our basic aims will be met by the new charity, the Carman Family Foundation Trust. The November meeting formally agreed to wind-up the company. This closes a campaign that began on the 3rd of January 2005.
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