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Purchase Notice
Allanwater's appeals
In February of 2016 Allanwater Developments had launched two applications in parallel: recycled versions of applications that had been unsuccessful before.   To see the details, visit Mansion Two and Office Block Two.   In June 2016 the applications were rejected by Stirling Council, but in September Allanwater asked for the rejections to be formally reviewed by the Council.   The review was conducted by the Council's Local Review Body (LRB), an ad-hoc committee of three councillors from outside the area affected by the review.   In February 2017 the LRB upheld the original decisions.
In presenting their decision, members of the LRB noted that planning decisions have to reflect the policies currently in force.   This once again underlined two key points: firstly that although a mansion was demolished on the site 37 years ago, it would be wrong to build another today; and secondly that a planning agreement signed in 1987 is no longer relevant.
Purchase Notice
Following the rejection by Stirling Council's planners of Mansion Two and Office Block Two in August 2016 Allanwater served a "Purchase Notice" on Stirling Council.   For more detail (and an explanation), see the page Purchase Notice.   A public hearing was to have been held on 25 April 2017 , but at the last minute Allanwater withdrew the Purchase Notice, in order to "issue notices that will focus and limit the matters and parties in dispute."   We are following developments.
Local Development Plan
The current Stirling Local Development Plan, dating from 2014, is under review and is expected to be replaced by Local Development Plan 2 early in 2018.   In November the Council received the Report of Examination for the new local development plan, which has been prepared by Reporters appointed by Scottish Ministers.   It can be seen here on the Council's website.
The report confirmed the current status of Holmehill.   In particular, the Report rejected Allanwater Developments' arguments about the Section 50 agreement "made 30 years ago and set within a different policy context to that of the present day" and supported our view stating "I consider the site to be highly sensitive to landscape changes".
In May we were at the Fling by the River.   Our marquee was visited by old friends and we recruited new members.   In October we held our Spooky Fun event, and were visited by many well-dressed young spooks.   And during the year Libby Hughes, our Core Path inspector, reported to Stirling Council on the condition of the path over the hill.
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