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Tree Reinstatement
Local Development Plan
Replacing the trees
We fought to repair at least some of the damage done in 2013 ... to see the full story, click   Tree Reinstatement.
Core Path
We maintained our monitoring of the Core Path across Holmehill, reporting back to Stirling Council.
Local Development Plan
Reporters appointed by the Scottish Government published the conclusions of their review of Stirling Council's Local Development Plan.   We were very pleased to find that the Reporters endorsed the view that Holmehill should be preserved as green space: see Local Development Plan.
The Green Man
Alex Nye kindly allowed us to reproduce her short story about Holmehill, The GreenMan.
Evidence to the Scottish Government
In November David Prescott, Chair of Holmehill, gave evidence at the Scottish Parliament.   He was appearing as part a panel of stakeholders before the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment (RACCE) Committee, which was considering Part 4 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.   That part of the Bill proposed a range of changes to the community right to buy land.   Of course, that is what we, Holmehill Community Buyout, are all about: we are trying to buy Holmehill for the community, and save it as the green heart of Dunblane.
We were at the Fling by the River.   Some very well dressed teddy bears, accompanied by a large group of local children, gathered on the hill for an afternoon picnic on Sunday 25th May.   For Halloween we repeated Spooky Fun: a story-telling, spooky evening in the Braeport and on Holmehill with cakes, raffles, and dressing-up.
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