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Braeport Meadow
Office Block One
Planning Application for the Braeport meadow
In 2011 Allanwater Development submitted a planning application for the Braeport Centre: our opposition to this was the major task of the first part of 2012.   To see the full story, click   Braeport Meadow.
Planning Application for Perth Road
In the middle of the year Allanwater Development submitted a planning application for houses on Perth Road, to be built north of the East Gatehouse. This application was almost immediately withdrawn by Allanwater.
Planning Application for an Office Development
The second half of the year was dominated by a third application by Allanwater: this time, for an office development.   To see the full story, click   Office Block One.
Core Path
Libby Hughes and Rosemary Bland continued to monitor the Core Path across Holmehill, reporting back to Stirling Council.
Community empowerment; Land Reform
We submitted responses to calls from the Scottish Government for views on these issues.
The traditional Dawn Chorus Walk was held on the hill in May, with the usual excellent cooked breakfast and the reading of the bird lists.   Also in May we were at The Fling by the River.   Our marquee hosted Pamela, the face painter. There was always a long queue for face painting, and while waiting more than 40 families took part in a quiz about Holmehill.
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