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Our core objective is to save the whole of Holmehill as green space at the heart of Dunblane, accessible to all.

This work naturally has two parts.   Firstly we have to prevent inappropriate development, notably by the current owners.   Secondly we seek to bring Holmehill into community ownership.

We wish to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the community in association with local statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants.   Working together we aim to advance education, and to provide or assist in providing facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation.   In doing this we shall follow principles of sustainable development, and work in the interests of social welfare so that conditions of life can be improved.   We also aim to advance the education of the community about its environment, culture, and history.

In pursuit of these objectives we intend to carry out the following activities:

  • the establishment of an accessible community woodland on Holmehill, creating accessible routes, a sensory & children's garden, and signage. We shall also carry out appropriate tree surgery and site clear-up
  • the creation of environmental study packs for use by local primary children
  • linking Holmehill with Dunblane Museum and enhancing the local area's appeal in terms of tourism and visitor experience
  • using Holmehill land for woodland management training programmes, and as a source of wood for local craft workers
  • promoting local land for community composting and raising plants for townscape work
  • promoting biodiversity and attract wildlife in the local area by planting additional native trees, encouraging wildflower growth, and providing nesting boxes for owls.

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