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Our first website was set up by Grant Wilson and Steve Mason in 2007.   In 2009 Grant set a WordPress blog to be used for news and announcements; the website became a repository for static information.

The original website was replaced by this one (at the same URL) in 2016.   This page gives a list of revisions that have changed its structure (usually by adding pages).   Internal changes to pages are not noted here: each individual page has the date of its last revision at the foot.

16 February 2016New website goes public.
25 February 2016Art section added to The Hill containing images of paintings, carried over from the old website.
27 February 2016This page added.
1 March 2016Page First Ideas added.
31 August 2016Improved navigation in galleries of images: the user can now move by clicking on the left-hand or right-hand side of each image.
1 September 2016Added a collection of photographs of the hill, at Cathedral.
8 September 2016Added aerial photographs, at 1928.
4 January 2017Added 2017 to the Campaign Timeline.
14 April 2017Added page Purchase Notice.
14 January 2018Added 2018 to the Campaign Timeline.
4 April 2018Added 2018 to the index of meetings.
23 May 2018Added Privacy Policy to the home page.
2 September 2018Added Memories and Walks to the section on The Hill.
5 October 2018Added historic photographs of the demolished house at Exterior in 1926 to the section on The Hill.
21st November 2018Revised to take account of the winding-up of the campaign.

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